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Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us. Love seeing your quilts! I never do because I tend to be kind of lazy , but it would probably be a good idea if you want to!

Embroider and Quilt a Fleece Baby Blanket September 22, By Angela Wolf Embroidery, Quilting 1 Comment Opinion by Paid Consultant When I found out that a dear friend of mine was going to be a great-grandmother for the first time (whoo-hoo!), I thought this would be the perfect project to create and share.
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Today I am sharing a simple mitered, self-binding, baby blanket tutorial for a quick and easy project finish. This is in honor of a drive for Project Linus called Luke’s Loves, and part of a series coordinated by Kim West of A Girl and a Glue Gun.
Baby fabrics add adorable details to the quilts you sew for the children in your life. Create nursery decorations and cozy crib quilts with baby fabrics. - Page 1.
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Lesson 1: Baby Quilt

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Cut all strips into 4. For color one, you will need a total of 25 squares blocks. For colors two and three you will need a total of 12 squares of each color. It is easiest to assemble the squares into one row at a time. You can create horizontal or vertical rows. After your rows are created, sew the rows together. Iron all squares before sewing them into rows.

Iron the rows before sewing them together. It works best to press the seams in opposite directions. In other words, if row one has seams pressed to the left, press the seams of row two to the right. That way, when you sew the rows together, it is easier to match corners more precisely. You can now stitch the three layers together, either by tying with yarns or embroidery floss, hand quilting or machine quilting.

If this is to be a baby quilt, I would not recommend tying since the yarn can come loose, creating a safety hazard. Check out our make-in-a-day quilt pattern with borders we call it our "Spring Cheer Hospital Quilt". The quilt is made in the same way as our baby, crib and lap quilts but made lap quilt size , and then borders are added.

Add borders to all sides, just the top, top and bottom, or three sides - your choice. Visit my youtube channel. Paint beautiful paintings and projects for your home decor, or to give as gifts! Free videos with step by step instructions. All Patterns, images and instructions are copyright protected. Baby Quilt Baby Quilt: Finished Baby Quilt Size Basic Layout The photo at the right shows my baby blanket after all blocks were stitched together.

You will need a Use Insul-Bright insulation as batting to create an extra warm quilt! I've never actually measured a completed one! I would recommend using at least different patterns that coordinate, of course. And I normally try to use at least 2 solids so that the blanket isn't too busy. I saw this post last week but didn't mark it and tried to make my ragged quilt by memory.

I didn't take into account the seam allowance and came up with a smaller version, but I love it! I will make my next one following your directions. This is my first quilt. I am making it for my sisters baby shower! I purchased the fabric and have begun cutting, however I am a little confused about the number of squares and rectangles I am supposed to cut.

You specify 84 pieces of fabric AND 84 pieces of batting. And if so could you explain it to me!! Do I double up on the batting for each fabric piece? Hi Ruth, The cut squares are actually intended to be 2-sided as that is how I cut them. My daughter got a wooden doll bed for her birthday. Great tutorial…love the photos…makes the directions clear. Thanks so much for the detailed instructions! Did you prewash your fabric? No, I did not prewash the material.

I never do, which is why I love the rag quilt…you can cut corners like this one and it still comes out wonderfully! Thank you so much for explaining in such great detail! I started it when my son went to Iraq. He really helped me to get thru that tough time!

I make these all the time but I use old jeans for the top and flannel for the back. I usually just use one fabric for the back, but do cut it into squares. When it comes time to sew, I just sew a piece of jean and a piece of flannel together, then proceed as you do, making rows and then sewing the rows together. I do the same!! One question, you mentioned this was for a baby, approximately what size is this quilt using the dimensions for the squares you provided?

Knowing what size this quilt is will help. I want to make this as a twin bed quilt for my little girl. What are the finished demensions of your quilt? Trying to figure out how much to increase it. I just want to say thanks so much for this tutorial! My brother and his partner are due a baby in a few weeks so I used this tutorial to make a cot sized quilt or playmat.

I only used 3 fabrics admittedly not particularly babyish and I made it smaller. I found this method of quilting so much easier than what I had been doing for previous quilts. You can view my quilt here:.

Thank you so much for this pattern. Awaiting the birth of my granddaughter and am now looking forward to this great switch from traditional crocheted baby blanket!

Do you just have the rag look on the one side or is the back the same way. Very much a beginner.. No, the other side will be non-ragged and look like a quilt, except for the outer perimeter, which will have ragged edges.

I love this rag quilt. I am a beginner and I think this would be a great place to start. Thanks for sharing with everyone. They have a 9 inch square that cuts the fringes also. I made one for first grandbaby with help from the quilting ladies at the quilt store. By time second grandbaby arrived, I had forgotten how to do it: Thank you so much for sharing the details on how you do this I have seen so many pictures but no instructions!

New to the sewing and I am going to try this. I know this may sound like a dumb question, but do you buy yards of each coordinating fabric i.

So you can plan on getting at least 1 yard of each coordinating fabric and you might do a few at 1. You sew two pieces wrong sides together with batting in the middle. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us. Thank you so much for this!! Great tutorial and great info. Thanks for all the extra tips and for responding to everyone questions in the comments.

I have always wanted to make one of these but it looked too difficult. But with your great instructions I think I can do it!! I am so excited to try this! Now I can make one! For those that have used old jeans do you have to use a different needle on your machine?

Oh, and I posted this fantastic tutorial on Pinterest! I was so tickled to see your pictures on Pinterest! I just wanted to suggest a couple of tips that work for me: I always double stitch all of the seams.

I had some trouble with big ole grandsons tugging on them too hard and pulling the seams loose in places. When I started sewing the seams twice, that trouble went away. Also, I take mine to the laundry and have them wash the quilts twice for me and dry once. I figured this out after stopping my washer up twice! Love seeing your quilts! Thanks for taking the time to share. Have you ever used chennile? Have you tried to mix two fabrics?

Yes, I have used chenille and it works great! I just finished my version of this quilt. Thank you so much for the pattern. Thanks for the great tutorial! Your blankets are so beautiful and I am so excited to try one! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge. My son has a different type blanket I made. It would be so fun to make a special blanket for each of my future kiddos. Can hardly wait to get started! I first got one as a shower gift for my daughter, 8 years ago.

And when a second baby comes along, Mom always asks for another blankie! It answered all of my questions. However, can you please tell me what the finished size of this baby quilt is?

Hi, I am so excited to make this for my first grandchild, due this July. I have a question though. What would you recommend? Pre-washing just the batting, neither or both? Thanks for responding so quickly! Or is there away before I get the old seam ripper out. What are the finished dimensions for this quilt?

The one that was made for my son is slightly different. My best guess would be 42 inches x 49 inches. I love this pattern! I just started making one to give away as a baby gift. I wanted to pass along a tip for anyone who is as lazy as I am. When cutting the fabric, I am just cutting the squares with scissors. After I measured and cut the first one, I used it as a pattern for the rest by laying it on top the fabric and cutting around it.

Now, for the really neat trick…cut 42 9X9 inch squares from the fabric. Half of those 21 become the 9X9 inch squares. Take the other 21, fold them in half and cut them. You have 42 of the rectangles. Lay half of the rectangles to the side 21 , take the other 21 rectangles, fold them in half and cut them. It would be really time consuming to try to make different size patterns and cut each one individually. As the tutorial says, there is no need for perfection, and my squares all look pretty darn uniform even with these shortcuts.

Ignore my post above…. I just realized the smaller squares are 5. Is there anyway to salvage this fabric? Or should I just start over? Just make your quilt with that size squares. If it is smaller than you want in the end, then just add more rows!

I would like to use Minky for the backing. Do you think this combination of cottons and Minky will work? How do you do it? It makes the ragged seams even fluffier, and for me, made construction easier.

The first time I made one, I used the batting, but I kept sewing not far enough and the edges of the cotton batting were sticking up thru the ragged edges…I was pulling off cottony globs the first few times I washed my quilt!

Thank you for your pattern. I made one yesterday with my bag full of flannel scraps. Thought it would look look to crazy with all my pieced blocks and colors, but it really turned out super cute, if I say so myself. And now I have a totally cute baby shower gift! I have made 4 of these and I am having a problem with the material getting lent balls all over it after I wash and dry it. I am using flannel and I have tried pre-washing thinking that would help. When I wash it in normal cycle high heat it rags perfectly but also gets let balls all over which have to be picked off they do not come off with a lent brush.

I love these quilts but it puts me over the edge to have to pick lent balls off the entire quilt back and front after I have completed it. Also thank you for the pattern! I really do love these quilts minus my lent issue which I assume is something I am doing wrong.

I am definitely going to make this for my grandchildren!! Thank you so much for your instructions. It looks awesome, so cozy!!! Hi there, I love,love ,love this quilt and am definitely starting one this weekend. One question do you sew your X from corner to corner on each square? Your quilt is sooo pretty, nice and full. I too have made several of these too. A few quick steps to try if you never have made one before is buy your quilt squares and batting cotton is best already precut online, Ebay has endless supplies and use scissors that are spring loaded much easier on the hands.

Thank you Jenae I made your pretty baby rag quilt! I accidently cut tiny hole in one of the squares what can I do do to repair it? Hmmm…maybe hand-stitch the hole? Have just come across your beautiful quilt I definitely have to make one………. I bought everything to do your quilt. This will be my first quilt and at the store for the batting they sold me something made of cotton.

The lady told me that this was what quilter use. Will this work or should I go and buy what you use. I think the batting you have should be fine. I have even made the quilt without batting before for summer babies and it always comes out great.

I have made three of these for baby shower gifts and the response has been great. Love the pattern thanks for sharing. Thanks for the instructions, I have just finished making my son one. I only started sewing 3 days ago. Very very simple and very forgiving for a beginner. Thank you for these great instructions!

I have been wanting to make one of these since forever ago! Your instructions seem easy to follow! I do have a questions though,When its all done will it be big enough for an adult to use? Or could i just double everything? Please and Thank you! I love your tutorial. I never do because I tend to be kind of lazy , but it would probably be a good idea if you want to! Any tips with this? Do I need batting with it? Oh wait…I thought this was my tag blanket tutorial, not the rag quilt tutorial!

Just turned on a machine for the first time in my life. Obviously, I still have lots to learn about sewing. How do you avoid this? How is this going to affect the overall quilt? Other than the squares may look bunched in some places, puffy, definately imperfect. I just found this tutorial through Pinterest and am very excited to try one of these!

Am expecting a niece at the end of this month and this is perfect for a heartfelt gift. I am overwhelmed, husband deployed and have 3 little babies…. How much would you charge or one of the ladies from your church to make me one for older brother and or older sister? My first from scratch quilt! Or just a total? No, that is total. But make sure you cut two layers at a time. For anyone thats making this quilt i followed the dicrections and i ended up with 5 and a half squares across and 7 squares length.

Thanks for the instructions! Thanks for the great tutorial. I just finished my version of this for my son. It was a great project and made me smile the whole time I was working on. Photos are posted to my Completed Quilts page of the blog. I can certainly appreciate the work you put into them. Saw a photo of your baby blanket on Pinterest: I love your fabric choices!

Cute quilts and I want to try your pattern! I have made a few rag quilts in the past much, much easier than regular pieced quilts and I have a couple of suggestions. So, so much easier on the hand fatigue. I think this will be the inspiration I needed to start a new project. If it goes well, I just may sell some of these! I LOVE the way they look! I have been a crafter for years, been told I should be a quilter also, but just cannot find the time.

This would be entirely possible. Thank You, Thank You! Sometimes all we need is a smattering of inspiration and you are mine! Hi, when I made my first rag quilt I chose a coordinating plain flannel to use in between the top and bottom flannel. I think it gives it a nice consistent colour throughout the rags.

It does give you three fabrics to snip however and it does hurt the hands. Thank you for the tutorial. What could I be doing wrong? Thanks for the pattern and priceless comments. We have been blessed with 3 new baby girls; twin great grand girls and 1 grand girl. Only have 2 weeks, but think it is doable. Their thoughts were to heavy. My daughter and have made dozens of rag quilts to sell for her adoption fundraiser.

We have never used batting with the flannel quilts, it will make it a bit heavy. Moms seem to love the lighter weight flannel rag quilts and take them everywhere in their diaper bags.

Great for snuggling and also as a cover up over baby in air conditioned malls and restaurants. I was recently given plenty of pre-cut 9 x 9 flannel squares as a donation to our fundraiser and I was not sure what to make with it as our blankets are made with much smaller squares.

I love the look of these, but one thing has always worried me. With all the lint and thread coming loose, do they ever just come apart at the seams? I am so making this!

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