Pure London is the UK’s most anticipated fashion trade show that is held over three days in a spectacular central London venue, Olympia London.

Sign up to save all your favorites? The earth we all live on. Much of the appeal of artificially distressed denim is that it resembles dry denim which has faded.

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Organically raised cotton is gradually winning over new ground both on the farm and in the marketplace. No toxins or synthetic fertilizers are used.

Organic cotton is produced without the use of harsh chemical bleaches or dyes, and is allergy free. Natural fertilizers, compost and soil amendments are used, and advances in natural pest control, such as ladybugs which destroy harmful insects, have helped make raising organic cotton a viable enterprise. Organic cotton clothing, unheard of a few years ago, is now available in many stores and online businesses. A wide variety of products made from organically grown cotton is now available: The range of styles can be somewhat limited, but new styles are being developed to keep pace with the growing demand for organic cotton clothing.

Colored dyes are still a problem, even with organically grown cotton. Dyes are toxic chemicals, and their use and disposal have harmful effects on the environment. Manufacturers are aware of these concerns and are developing new methods of coloring cotton are being developed to address this problem.

Organically colored cotton is being developed to address this problem, and earthtones are now available which use no dyes whatsoever.

Recycled Cotton is another, more earth-friendly choice in cotton clothing. Frankie Trousers in Oatmeal. Rooney Blazer in Emerald Plaid. Curved Brush Tee in Black.

Flute Tee in Pewter Potassium. Kindred Slub Sweater in Black Heather. Ravonette Sweatshirt in Vulcan Potassium. Alexa Tee in Vecchi. Gemma Lace Up in Starling. Rocket High Rise Skinny in Statuette. Eli Straight Taper in Gonzopict. Tyler Taper in Alaraph. Crosby Flannel Shirt in Midnight.

Not Yours Never Was Tee. Crosby LS Denim Shirt. Mitch LS Henley in Black. A Jean in Black Rinse. Benefit Relaxed Straight in Mora. As you may already know, the popularity of cashmere is growing rapidly every year due to the improvement of living standards. Also in India, Iran and Afghanistan, but the finest quality cashmere comes from the former countries. It turned out, however, that in other climatic conditions, the material loses its main qualities — lightness and ability to keep the warmth.

So when you buy cashmere online, know that the finest cashmere wool comes from the Himalayan cashmere goat that lives in the same region.

Because Cashmere wool is one of the most luxurious and most valuable natural fabrics in the world that will keep you warm through the cold winter months. A ton of information about cashmere. Before that, we compare products from different manufacturers, collect reviews, and filter in the best products you can find online.

The quality of every product on Cashmere Mania is guaranteed so you know you get the best deal in its natural category.


Online shopping from a great selection at PURE DENIM Store. Pure Atlanta stays on the pulse of contemporary style. From MCM to Balmain & Robin's Jean - Pure releases exclusive contemporary styles daily @pureatlanta. Pure Blue Japan has a unique production method utilizing a low tension machine, resulting in a slubby, and rough feeling denim. What is particularly special about their production is that most of their denim rolls off a single machine.