Meanwhile for $, the jeans may be manufactured in Mexico, and come with little or no distressing. For $50, the jeans are usually made in Spain in large factory. And for $25, they are made by the thousands in China, using .

My top tips would be:.

That final reason might be the best one of all for a $+ pair of jeans – it’s actually cheaper to own quality garments that last than cheap ones that have to be replaced. If you wear it once a week for five years (with a couple weeks off just to make the math easy) you’ve paid less than $1 per wear.
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From the AG-ed collection, these jeans are made to look well-worn like a vintage flea market find. The 11 Years style is hand-distressed with whiskering and tears, and has fading along the center of the legs.
Bluer jeans are cut, sewn, washed and hand-finished in Los Angeles using eco-friendly ozone laundry processes. All of this makes bluer a standout option for quality denim but what really gets our attention is their innovative 1 for 1 give back model.
I decided to turn my quest for durable kids' jeans to The Prowl and got some excellent recommendations there. And then I added a couple more I found. And then I added a couple more I found.
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The Black Jeans

The next best thing when a brand doesn’t offer petite sizing are size 23 jeans. Re/Done offers most of their styles in a 23, which will look proportional on .

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Good quality jeans are made from a stronger, heavier weight of denim, which feels different than a cheaper weave. Just as with bed sheets, a high thread count is a sign of better quality fabric. When in doubt about fabric construction, ask a salesperson. You pick the one you like and order your fit of choice: straight, slim, or skinny. Once there are enough orders for a given fabric, the jeans go into production and you get a pair of low-cost, high-quality selvedge denim in a couple months. Gap - Affordable and easy to find, with surprisingly modern slim fits. We Tested 24 Pairs Of Affordable Skinny Jeans And These Are The Best We tested 24 pairs of jeans from Old Navy, H&M, Forever 21, Target, and American Eagle to find out which brand's pants are actually worth the money.